Building advanced services on the Bitcoin network

Bitcoin and Lightning Network

We focus on building applications and services on the Bitcoin network.
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Accept micropayments

Expand your e-commerce by accepting bitcoin micro payments through a simple Wordpress plugin or a friendly Widget directly connected to your wallet.

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Onchain Data

Explore and analyze data visually on the bitcoin blockchain. Set up custom alerts on specific behaviors such as amounts, addresses, prices, or related data.

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Implement gordian architecture using torgap or airgap technologies. The Gordian architecture creates a powerful and safe new methodology for financial, data, and information operations on the internet.

Capital management and optimization

Capital managment

Deploy the available liquidity management tools and obtain the highest efficiency in capital allocation and optimize your money flows.


Bitcoin and Lightning Network Services
Creating Bitcoin and Lightning Network services.

We offer a completely cloud-based service with high scalability that allows use the necessary infraestructure bitcoin continuously at a reasonable cost-benefit. We collaborate with cutting-edge companies that want to dabble to the world of digital payments supported by the most robust and decentralized network of the blockchain economy.



LND / C-lightning
  • E-commerce
  • Paywalls
  • MicroPayments
  • LSAT's
  • Donations
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Own code
  • Onchain Metrics
  • Visual graphs
  • Type addresses
  • # in / # outs
  • Download data
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  • Rebalancing
  • Liquidity
  • Submarine swaps
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard

  • Gordian Server
  • Gordian Wallet
  • Gordian Cosigner
  • QR Codes
  • Multi-sigs
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